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(* updated Oct 2019): 

*Røst Norway [Wildlife]

*Wildlife in Borneo [Wildlife]

Birds in Costa Rica [Wildlife]

White tailed Eagle (hide) and Hawk owl [Video]

Bears in Finland [Video]

Bison and Beavers in Poland [Video]

Eagle Hide in Sweden [Wildlife]

Kamchatka [Bears]

Finland [Bears]

Poland [Wildlife]

Mongolia [Video]

Mongolia [Wildlife]

Japan [Video]

Whooper Swan and White Tailed Eagle at [Galleri Fotosidan]

Japan [Wildlife]

White Tailed Eagle at [Galleri Fotosidan]

Iceland landscape at [Galleri Fotosidan]

Svalbard [Video]

Svalbard [Wildlife]

Öland, Sweden [Södra Öland - Kalmarsund]

India [Wildlife]

India [Video]

Iceland [Nature]

Namibia, Botswana [Video]

Namibia [Nature]

Botswana [Nature]

Ecuador [Videos]

Hummingbird at [Galleri Fotosidan]

Ecuador [Nature/Birds]


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